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How do you build a truly creative design team culture?

Design teams, whether in-house or agency, aren’t defined as “creative teams” as mere lip service. The work your design team does has vision, meaning, and the purpose to create memorable experiences that connect people to concepts, brands, and beyond.

Building a team culture that upholds this creative mission while keeping team to-dos and communication organized requires a little out-of-the-box thinking, too. Effective design teams know that a balance between artistic freedom and structured process gives them artistic freedom to work without the worry of if, how, when, and by whom the work is getting done.

That’s why your design team tools should include FieldProjects, a hub for all the project work, team management, incoming requests, sprints, and brainstorming that’s shared across your organization:

And because design team roles and responsibilities change almost as fast as seasonal color trends, FieldProjects is there to evolve and grow with whatever new creative challenges come your way.

Product Design

For design teams with lots of members, it’s easy to lose track of what everyone is doing. Use this board as a command center for all ongoing projects:

  • Get a high level view of project design status and what needs to be done
  • Easily find project leads, goals, updates, and related FieldProjects boards where work is taking place for specific projects.
  • Create team transparency by sharing tasks for the week, as well as personal availability.

Track design requests and projects

Whether you’re a designer on a team or an entire design firm, Asana helps you track projects from start to finish.

  • Stay on top of every little detail when it comes to organizing an projects design.
  • Instantly see the status of every task related to your event.
  • Visualize work in a calendar view and make sure everything, is going as scheduled.
  • Keep everything organized by adding event details, customer contacts, media and assets to cards so the teams involved know where to get what they need.


FieldProjects tasks are designed to be integrated with all your work on FieldProjects – and can even be automated using workflows.

For example, you’re managing a design project – adding a FieldProjects workflow will create a task for you to approve the designs, once they have been uploaded to FieldProjects. Saving time for you and your team.


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