When managing a team, it is highly important to have everyone’s tasks and responsibilities outlined and visible. Helping to avoid misunderstandings and knowing whom to delegate new tasks.

FieldProject enables assigning tasks to team members and setting priorities and deadlines. Adding due dates to tasks automatically sends a notification each time the scheduled completion date approaches and the activity is still incomplete.

Prioritizing tasks

Goes without saying that you should also be able to prioritize your activities. Prioritizing tasks is incredibly helpful whenever urgent problems arise. By using a planning tool with scheduled time slots, you can quickly make room in your planned schedule without manually rescheduling the whole project plan.

Agile task management tool

When leading a project team, you need a tool to outline all your upcoming activities and assign tasks to team members.

Task management features are nearly ubiquitous among the cloud based work planning software, meaning that finding one is not a difficult task. But FieldProject provides the efficient way to handle the streamlined tasks.

Shared team calendar

A team calendar for scheduling and organizing meetings is another must-have for a software. Establishing a shared calendar that synchronizes with popular calendar tools ensures that everyone receives notifications and attends meetings on time. You can also add important due dates to your team calendar to have a quick overview of upcoming milestones.

Planning and task scheduling tool

A great tool for teamwork is the planner feature that outlines all your planned project tasks and makes scheduling new activities incredibly easy.

  • Time slot view gives an overview of how many hours and tasks have been booked for each team member, showing the unscheduled time slots.
  • You’ll get insight to whom assign new tasks in the next step of a project.
  • Quick overview of everyone’s tasks and unscheduled time helps to set realistic deadlines and to avoid overbooking people.
  • Whenever an urgent task needs to be prioritized, you can move other tasks ahead and make room for these high-priority ones.
  • If one team member finishes their task ahead of the planned schedule, you can assign them further responsibilities if necessary..


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