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What is customer service management?

Customer service management is the combination of solutions, workflow and processes that go into managing the customer relationship. With a customer service management system, a company can rely on software and automation to reinforce its human techniques.

Businesses that use FieldService's customer service management software can improve communication with their customers. They build more meaningful, personal and productive relationships with them.

Complete case activity tracking

The case/tickets has been tracked end to end on FiledService. It gives you the each and every details of the tickets such as who were created, assigned and when it's get solved etc... Users can easily find the ticketing life cycle with a single click.

Automated customer email response

Auto-response emails don't always bring value. Sometimes they just flood you inbox with unncessary junk content. But often times they are necessary and are a good reference for your community. Imagine if someone signed up for a service: they will be expecting to receive a confirmation email. Or if they are looking to access a recently completed service details. A detailed confirmation email will enable them to simply search their inbox for the needed information.

Automated or manual service activity assignment

This is an absolute must have for any help desk ticketing system, regardless of the industry.Automation can perform many tasks, from reminding you that a ticket response is needed to routing a ticket to a specific user, and so much more. It’s extremely powerful.

Real time case status updates

FieldService allows you to get a detailed ticket life-cycle report for you to track the complete history of each and every ticket. The report considers your work schedule to calculate the time each ticket has been in a specific status for you to get the full overview of tickets. You can even schedule these reports to reach your inbox on a regular basis depending on a pre-set frequency.

Unresolved case alerts

The alerts on unresolved tickets gives the overall view on customer satisfication and employee performance. Users can analyse the employee performance based on these tickets and it will also gives you the option of reassigning the ticket to someone who knows well.


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