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What takes a startup from stress to success?

The best thing about building a startup from the ground up is that each idea, each project (to be honest, each day) is a new adventure along the journey to success. But let’s face it: new adventures also mean that there’s lots to do. From startup team meetings to management team roles, process improvement to change management, it’s easy to get sidetracked from the very things your startup is working to create. But what are startups that grow successfully doing differently?

Some of the best startups embrace the chaos of building from the ground-up by adopting a foundation of team organization and resource planning that allows them to move as fast as possible during that critical early stage. Unlike traditional corporate strategy, startup companies are notoriously clever about creating processes that fit their unique style. And one of their favorite tools to accomplish this is FieldProjects.

That’s why we’ve created this playbook of FieldProjects for the most pressing business needs that we encountered as FieldProjects grew from a prototype to millions of signups to getting acquired.

Make more and manage less with this winning set of FieldProjects workflows that will help run your startup company while you’re busy developing your business.

Company Overview

The high level view of what’s happening inside your startup across each team.

  • Remove company growing pains and information silos by transparently sharing in progress and upcoming projects from each team.
  • Make corporate strategy less opaque by having team leaders openly track goals and provide weekly updates on cards organized by teams and projects.
  • Successful teams celebrate! Keep a list for big wins or milestones as a living company history.
  • Watch business planning evolve as busy startup teams learn from each other and gain perspective on how their work affects the whole picture.

Agile Development

Move fast without losing sight by adopting an agile workflow that gives your team perspective during any project management situation.

  • Keep all code, specs, and plans easily accessible in one location for more organized product development.
  • See the status of tasks as sprints progress.
  • Collaborate seamlessly with engineers and scrum masters.
  • Manage and prioritize the backlog with product management stakeholders and product owners.
  • Transparently share with stakeholders what’s shipped and what’s up next.

Team Onboarding

Building successful teams starts at Day One. Remove the stress with a go-to board that gives each new hire everything they need to succeed.

  • Create a repeatable process for onboarding new hires with a template FieldProjects board that’s easy to copy for each new person.
  • Make sure all forms are filled out by creating checklists for essential first week tasks.
  • Create lists for each team to make the board easily scannable. Plus, it helps remote folks get more context as to who is on what team!
  • Keep everyone on the same page by adding a point person to cards for introductions and training sessions.

Simple CRM

Create a pipeline for managing incoming leads or requests that is adaptable to your team’s needs for any type of contact or customer relationship management.

  • Organize contact info and notes on each lead’s card.
  • Keep assets in one centralized location by attaching all the relevant materials, like emails and follow-up requests to cards.
  • Keep business development on track by assigning team members and due dates to tasks, then watch as they move the tasks through the process from “Underprogess” to “Completed.”
  • This process can be adapted to an incoming ticketing system for any contact or user management: Capturing Sales Leads, Customer Support tickets, etc.


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