Effective Time Tracking

FieldProject enables you to easily generate project-specific time tracking for smarter planning and monitoring of projects. You can track time by duration or start/end values to gain greater flexibility on how to charge clients. You can also easily use the software to manage multiple companies and users. Time tracking features are fairly common in project management software services and most quality ones will offer it in one form or another.

Cut-down your Project Planning

FieldProject is the modern collaboration tool which helps your Project Managers to shorten the planning of your projects and make its execution as easy by saving the hours as well as days through producing the good co-operation between your Managers and Teams.

Visualize your Projects

FieldProject Project Cards provide you the significant details of the projects instantly.

And using FieldProject you can say bye to the menagerie of email requests and reduce unnecessary meetings as it holds all discussions, tasks, designs and documents in a centralized location. Simply it creates the visual project structure and improves your Project & Time management experience.

Make you Enjoy your Work

FieldProject makes you to enjoy your work by giving you good structured communication through allowing everything you need related to your project in a same place. It also permits you to prioritize the work strategically so you can make sure that your team is performing the correct work at the correct time.

Easy to Scale

By reviewing the powerful reports of FieldProject, your Project Managers who have experience or not can scale the things going on easily which make them to feel confident in their decisions which will improve their performance as well as your processes that will lead your business sound.

Real Time and Flexible

FieldProject is a rare tool in the market which provides the combination of personal as well as collective productivity in a single solution. It provides real-time reports like sharing the tasks and information to you and your team. Also the FieldProject is flexible to manage the simple and complex processes.


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