Reporting & Analytics

Customer service teams and managers benefit from FieldService’s best-in-class,
built-in reporting system featuring powerful
new business intelligence capabilities right at your team’s fingertips.

100s of Ready to Use Help Desk Reports

Several pre-defined “Stock” reports come standard as a part of your FieldService subscription, and you can add any report to your dashboard to have this information at your fingertips. The dashboard allows custom views so each user can showcase the information he or she needs. Report features include filtering, report cloning, enhanced sorting, and individual viewer functions.

Advanced Custom Reports

FieldService offers advanced reporting capabilities with wizard-based creation which you can use to view your data in virtually any way you want. You can create custom help desk reports and ticket views to easily access information and analyze data. You can create several report typess including summary, tabular, chart, or graph. You can also organize your reports by creating custom folders.

Customizable Dashboard

Dashboards are user specific. They can (and should) be customized based on personal preference, and no other user can change them for you, or be affected by your changes. Add any help desk report, move items to show in the order you prefer with simple drag and drop functionality, and hide/unhide series from the display with a simple click. You can access listed tickets simply by clicking on the ticket link.

Ground data is immediate

Instead of waiting for weeks or months to collate and process raw market data from frontline departments like sales, marketing and support, you can now access real-time ground movement. BI solutions are equipped with powerful multidimensional analytics that can be simultaneously used by teams. Data is dynamic and moves with market events as they happen.Moreover, because many BI solutions today are intuitive for non-tech users, data analysis is widely adopted across the organization. Ground data sourced by your frontline employees can be immediately cleansed, sorted and added to the central repository, empowering the company with the latest information. Likewise, most BI solutions feature collaboration tools that allow sharing of insights and best practices.


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