Ask more, know more, do more.

Get access to people powered data, at scale and in real time. Discover insights and new ideas to drive your business forward.

Design surveys with confidence

Do more with your data. Turn insights into action with sophisticated surveys perfect for any use case.

Reach the people that matter most

Find more ways to sample your audience. Use our survey collectors to send out via email, mobile, chat, web, social media, and more.

Maximize your data’s potential

Getting answers to your questions is just the beginning. Extract and share actionable insights with your team so you can drive business forward.

Design and send professional surveys fast

Survey quality metric

Use FieldSurvey to predict how well your survey will perform

Send surveys via web, email, social and more

Reach your customers where they are with our suite of survey collectors

Customized branding

Create custom themes, add your logo, select fonts, and build custom thank-you pages

Best in class survey-taking experience

We make it easy for your users to take your surveys for increased completion rates

Perform deeper data analysis

Manage your surveys on mobile

Design, send, and analyze surveys with our mobile app

Filter and compare

Sort through results to find the data you’re looking for

Data exports

Download visual data or export into SPSS

Custom reports

Use custom filters to create multiple views of your data

Support any project, team, or organization


Share surveys and data across teams without having to share passwords

Shared asset library

Share resources across your organization (guidelines, logos, templates etc.)

Sophisticated features

Survey logic including advanced branching, conditional questions and page skip logic, AB tests, advanced piping, and more.

Exceptional outcome.
Minimal effort.

Have fun building comprehensive surveys with just a few clicks and minimal effort. We'll help you every step of the way.

Advanced Analysis

Analysis is a crucial part of the survey process, and FieldSurvey has a wide range of automated features which makes examining your data both accurate and convenient. Your data can be presented to you in broad variety of graphs and tables, as well as in the form of raw data for you to process yourself. Information can even be filtered and broken down to give you a more detailed idea of the results. As all information is uploaded instantly, you can carry out analysis throughout the entire duration of the research project.

Accurate Results

All data is inputted directly into the system by participants, and because it does not need to be re-entered by staff like in the case of a paper questionnaire, it is much less prone to errors. The reliable service offered with FieldSurvey ensures that all information is reliable and secure.

Responsive Participant Experience

Unlike paper questionnaires, surveys carried out online can adapt to each specific participant by skipping irrelevant questions based on previous answers. This gives responders a more personalized experience and allows them to complete the survey in a much shorter time.






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