Why use FieldSurvey?

There are plenty of benefits of FieldSurvey and that depends on the feature set.Generally, you should experience the following advantages and you’ll realize the critical purpose of FieldSurvey to your business.

Design surveys like a pro

FieldSurvey solutions feature predictive analytics that can calculate how well your survey will fare. Various metrics are analyzed including the length of the questionnaire, its relevance to your audience and your historical survey results. The more established solutions with years of handling survey processing can also provide a knowledge base of best practices in the trade. Likewise, many solutions allow the interface to be white labeled. You can lend to the UI your logo and colors and create a personalized thank-you page with your key messaging.

Reduced costs

If you conduct online surveys via software you bypass labor and material costs. Manual surveys involve time and money for printing, distribution and data collection. Huge surveys will especially benefit from using software-based surveys, as questionnaires can be replicated and distributed repeatedly with little cost and only require a small team to manage.

Centralized data gathering

FieldSurvey also makes data collection more systematic by saving all feedback in one database. The process is in real-time, as soon as respondents provide the answers the information is saved in a server location. Hence, there’s less risk of losing or tainting raw data and the process is a lot easier and faster than manual surveys.


You can change parts of or the whole questionnaire with minimal cost or repurpose the same questions to target a new set of audience. FieldSurvey allows you to optimize your surveys in many ways.

Reach your audience

Many solutions also offer a network of respondents by a variety of categories, such as demographics, industry, profession and interest. If you lack for a ready pool of respondents, this service is a great way to jumpstart your survey, mainly via online. Your survey is sent via email, web or social depending on the application.

Extract insights

Having a wider audience reach and with the data centralized, FieldSurvey solutions can conveniently run analytics and help you extract feedback insights. Most solutions allow for various ways to slice and dice data in tables, charts or graphs. Some solutions even feature real-time analytics so you get the freshest results possible.


Many people are comfortable answering questions in their private digital space or finish the questionnaire at their own pace while connected to the internet. Respondents are also more open to their real thoughts or feelings under cloak of anonymity, which bodes well to the integrity of feedback that you want.


Questionnaires are easy and fast to design and distribute, while feedback can come in in real time. Plus, analytics can extract insights from the most complex combination of datasets; hence, FieldSurvey makes life easier for researchers.






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