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What makes marketing teams truly productive?

All marketers have one thing in common: they wear a lot of hats. On any given day, marketing teams are collaborating on a variety of projects, campaigns, events, and product launches. A marketer’s gears are constantly shifting between editorial calendars, social media channels, website landing pages, product launch schedules, and analytic platforms.

With all of of this competing work, how can you manage your marketing team to work productively and exceed monthly business goals? It’s a simple strategy of organization and communication.

Being in-the-know is crucial for any team management. With the right tools in place, everyone can organize their work transparently and communicate asynchronously so every member of the marketing team is on the same page. Our own marketing team at FieldProject uses the boards, processes, and Power-Ups below to manage their marketing workflow and to stay aligned on campaign statuses, updates, resources, and successes—no matter where they are in the world. Get inspired, copy the boards, and make them your own!

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Marketing Overview

Create a stronger sense of transparency within your marketing team and the company.

  • Get a high level view of marketing goals, current projects, and what’s up next for the team.
  • Easily find project leads, goals, updates, and related Trello boards where work is taking place for specific projects.
  • Create team transparency by sharing tasks for the week, as well as personal availability.
  • Facilitate a more effective marketing team meeting by using a Trello board for meeting agendas and brainstorming.

Event Planning

The best part of an event is celebrating its success. Here’s how to get there.

  • Stay on top of every little detail when it comes to organizing an amazing event, from ticket sales to digital invite assets.
  • Instantly see the status of every task related to your event.
  • Visualize work in a calendar view and make sure everything, is going as scheduled.
  • Keep everything organized by adding event details, customer contacts, media and assets to cards so the teams involved know where to get what they need.

Incoming Marketing Requests

Facilitate a system for managing company-wide incoming marketing requests without endless email chains. Trust us: your marketing team will thank you with this workflow management system.

  • Minimize wasted time and confusion by establishing clear guidelines and deadlines for all incoming requests.
  • Get things done by empowering a member of the marketing team to prioritize and delegate requests accordingly.
  • Manage bandwidth by using labels on cards for high to low priority and effort required to balance your team’s time.
  • Always keep colleagues in constant contact with the status of their requests by adding them to their cards to automatically notify them on progress.

Product Launches

Seamlessly coordinate cross-team go-to-market brand and product launches with a FieldProjects.

  • Clearly see work getting done, who is doing what, and most importantly, what needs attention.
  • Make sure every moving part of the strategy is on track by organizing cards in a calendar view.
  • Execute effectively with a launch day checklist that clearly defines who is doing what and when for faster day-of management.
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